Achilles Season Radial Tire-315/35R20XL 110V

Directional tread design – provides good traction for both wet and dry condition Solid center rib – delivers straight line stability to improve handling Rim guard protection – provides wheel damage protection Double wide circumferential grooves – multiple lateral grooves channel water to reduce the possibility of hydroplaning.

From the manufacturer

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About Achilles Radial

Achilles was born out of Indonesia’S tire manufacturer factory, PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, or MASA. Grown and continued to thrive in global era, MESA building currently owns 55 hectares and 128 hectares areas all located in East Cikarang.

Fueled by ambitions, Achilles and Corsa stepped on the gas in market competition. Through quality and reliable products, also equipped with the best services, Achilles produced Passenger Tire, Commercial Tire, Truck and Bus Tire, Competition Tire, and Industrial Tire which are now famous and commonly used in international market.

Even winter tires have now been produced for the needs of consumers in northern climates. MASA continuously committed to provide state-of-the-art tires for all consumers.

We would like to contribute a sense of confidence and optimism in company’s future. Through experienced, wise and visionary management, MASA continued to define a map of automotive tire market trends throughout the world.