STA NDT Military Tire LT 9-16 114J D (8 Ply) (TT) AT A/T All Terrain Tire

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STA NDT Military Tire. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: All terrain traction; Improved controllability; Upgraded load durability; All season performance; . OVERVIEW: The STA NDT Military Tire is an all terrain, all season performance manufactured for light trucks.The model offers excellent all terrain performance. The special tread design manages to increase on- and off-road traction, while maintaining forward motion. This allows the tire to boost soft, loose, and uneven terrain traction. The aggressive tread design also improves the performance through deep mud and loose dirt terrains. This tread design is able to keep constant surface contact on uneven terrains, which provides better driving safety.The optimal tread pattern also improves controllability, by keeping consistent surface contact during the performance. This also boosts steering responsiveness and driving stability. In other words, the steering response time is faster and more accurate to the driver’s commands, while the structure is secured against driving pressure. Large elements and their strong grip boost cornering as well. This enables the driver to have full control over the vehicle, promoting a safe driving experience.The strong internal structure and durable rubber compound keep the ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure. As the tire does not deform under pressure, it is able to carry and withstand heavy loads. This increases the load-carrying capacity, while the durable compound protects the tire during its off-road performance. These elements upgrade load and driving durability.The STA NDT Military Tire also offers great all season performance. This tread design keeps the surface contact at all times, while the compound maintains flexibility in warm and cold temperatures. As a result, this combination boosts dry, wet, and winter weather traction, guaranteeing a safe year-round drive. This specific tire model features a BIASED ply construction. There might be discrepancies of sizes between brands and models of tires which have this size formatting. As the manufacturers only provide the tire width and the rim diameter with these tires, various brands and models will have size differences. In order to ensure the correct size is purchased, the overall tire diameter that is needed should be checked. This is a Tubed Type Tire (TT), which requires an inner tube to properly function. This purchase does not include the inner tube or flaps. The Overall Diameter or O.D. advertised represents the tire’s overall diameter in inches, once the tire has been properly inflated and mounted per the manufacturer’s recommendation. This advertised number is provided to Priority Tire by the tire manufacturer. Manufacturers recommend changing tires every 10 years. As long as tires are properly stored before they are sold, the year of their manufacture will not shorten their service life.

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