Vans – Not Just for Soccer Moms!

Vans - Not Just for Soccer Moms!


Vans used to be a major fashion faux pas when it came to driving in style. People used to associate vans with soccer moms, car pools and screaming kids. But that mentality is a thing of the past. People of all ages and lifestyles and now beginning to see the value and affordability of purchasing a van. Teenagers can go on road trips with friends, a few office members can drive together to a conference, couples can split travel costs when going to a retreat, and of course the soccer mom can still depend on her trusted minivan.



You can also spruce up your van with accessories, and ensure the paint stays nice and fresh with a car cover. In today's troubled economy, everyone is looking for cheaper ways to do everything, including travel. If you have a business conference with several other employees, you can drive instead of fly there. Splitting gas, food and hotel costs can really save everyone on the trip a lot of money that you would normally have to pay for yourself. If one of the colleagues owns a van, you can fit up to 14 or even 16 people into one van, depending on the size. But you don't have to squeeze so many people into one van just to be cost effective. Just having 6 or 8 people sharing the trip can greatly reduce the cost. If none of the colleagues owns a van, then everyone can chip into renting a minivan, which would still be much cheaper than everyone flying solo. A teenager can borrow his parents van and take it on a weekend road trip with his friends. This way, everyone can be together in one car and not have to take separate cars. If it's just a few people sharing the van, you can even sleep in it if you're going camping or doing something outdoors. You can put a car cover on it at night for some added safety.

These are made for vans as well. If you're borrowing your parents van and want to change up the interior a little, there are many ways you can spruce it up and still return it to your parents in the condition you borrowed it. You can change the car seat covers, floor mats and attach some accessories of your choice to the rear view mirror. Once you get the hang of driving a bigger car than you may be used to, you'll see how useful and practical the van really is.

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